Our experienced team has dealt with virtually every question a home buyer can ask. But to give you an idea of the advice we provide, we’ve shared three of the most common questions that home buyers ask us. If you have a question, why not call us on 1300 20 30 30 or contact our team today?

Firstly, congratulations on making it to this point! If you’ve been saving for a deposit and reading up on the fundamentals of home buying, then you’re a big part of the way there. Of course, you probably have more questions than answers. Questions like: ‘What should I be looking for, and where?’ ‘Who should I talk to about finance?’ ‘How can I make sure I don't over pay?'
Rest assured that if you have some questions, our team is ready to provide you with answers, after all we've experienced almost every property circumstance there is. Why not book in for an obligation free chat and we’ll talk you through your options.

Even experienced home buyers can benefit from our comprehensive home buying and negotiating services. In fact, if you’ve been through this process before, then you know how much of a hassle it can be dealing with real estate agents and the heart aches that can result. Why not get our team on your side working for you - we'll minimise the stress and hassles.

In addition to over 40 years’ professional experience in the Australian property markets, our team has won multiple awards for independent and unbiased property advice. We have no hidden agendas or vested interests, and our business is built around delivering on your needs, not the needs of the seller. We have access to every property on the market, and as Australia's leading and probably most respected buyers' agents we have access to many off market properties as our area expert buyers' agents are on the "speed dial" of all the big selling agents - if you think about it why wouldn't we? This give you access to the widest range of properties.

Please call us on 1300 20 30 30 to find out how Metropole Buyers’ Agency can help you find the dream home for you and your family.
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You can be confident that you have true professional expertise on your side, with a team of real estate experts who can help you level the playing field and find the right home for your family.


Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us:
  • As an interstate landlord, I trust Metropole Property Management to look after our Melbourne interests. Their service and communication is first rate.
    Terry Clark, South Australia
  • Thank you very much for your excellent advice and management, now and during the last years when you have been taking care of our property. At all times we felt that all issues had been handled with extreme care and diligence.
    Eva Wang
  • Really appreciate the time and walk through with the process and considering that we are in different state, you have made the process really easy. I was really satisfied with the level of the engagement and detail that you have provided. I was also really impressed on how fast you were able to secure a tenant within a day after settlement of the property.
    G. Young
  • We sincerely thank you and your team for the customer service, which has exceeded our expectations. We will have additional Brisbane properties managed by Metropole in the future, and be sure to recommend your service to others.
    L. Maus


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